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Fibre Install

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Fibre Install

So I had to take my last 1/2 day holiday for a Fiber install today, Stayed in until 1pm then had to goto work, called plus net as the engineer did not pitch up I really understand it is not Plusnet's fault it was BT's. the thing that gets to me is the engineer said he called to ensure I was in for him but none of my phones registered a call for today 21/11/2014 to be honest this is a really poor  attitude for the BT engineer dept as plusnet ordered and approved install for a time slot that the engineer decided he could not be bothered to attend, let me put it this way my exchange that all my local engineer have to pick up all there equipment from is about 150 yards from my home so he can actually walk from the exchange to my house in less time it would take to use his van... don't get me wrong may be he is not a FAT person who cant walk 2 yards with out being out of breath.
Now I have had to reschedule a re-appointment and take more time off work that I don't have so will loose pay to have this fiber internet installed, this in turn after a call to plus net they have given me 3 months free due to this BT engineer not calling or turning up, personally after over 7 years of doing my best to promote plusnet to friends I know it is not there fault but they have done something for me and I hope they can charge BT back for this ( yes I know BT bought them out ) but I find this situation infuriating for me and it is not plus net's fault leaving me with no one to shout at except for BT who will just say not our problem we called ( oh really did you phone says NOPE ) so the provider is shafted......
Long story short Fiber not installed seems BT cba plusnet gave discount install reorganized for another date
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Fibre Install

Hi Damfoose,
Really sorry about this, even though we didn't directly cause this issue we are still responsible as your provider.
I'm glad to see a new appointment has been arranged for you along with some discounts.
I've just checked the order and everything looks to be progressing fine for the new appointment as expected.
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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team