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Fibre Fault

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Fibre Fault

My line was stable at 80/20 sync until about 2 weeks ago when an Openreach engineer was messing about on the DP pole outside my house, I figured either a neighbour had a fault or he was putting someone on to Fibre and had to do extra work.
As soon as I got in I checked my router and noticed the SNR dropped from 6.5 to about 4.5 which definitely seems like the kind of drop you would get from crosstalk by a neighbour going onto the service, the router resynced and I dropped down to 72/19.
Ever since that day it's been downhill, randomly the line will resync overnight or through the day. I've been monitoring the line and the past few days it has been disconnecting from gateways like crazy, I'm talking a disconnection every few hours and then coming back with a new IP. However when I checked DSLstats these weren't coming up as resyncs so I just figured that PN's servers were having a fit and kicking me back and forth between gateways, that is until tonight


I'm not really too sure what to say apart from that Openreach engineer has definitely done something very bad when he was [Censored] about with the lines, before that the line was completely fine on 80/20 so how have I lost a whole 40Mbps?
I'm going to open this up as a fault but if I could get some advice that would be great, kind of disappointed to be honest. First the issues with gateways and threaded nonsense and now this rubbish of losing huge chunks of speed...
EDIT: added image as attachment as well just in case you can't see it normally
EDIT 2: The SNR has dropped so low now that it's taking a good 3 minutes or so to open any page and just trying to write on here is nearly impossible, good god
EDIT 3: I picked up my phone and listened to the dialtone for at least 30 seconds, only to hear an extremely loud pop followed by a ton of static and then dead silence, that pop was loud enough to make my ear ring just to give you an idea. I went back to my router settings and checked the stats and now the SNR is back up to 15 and cause the line to resync at 66Mbps, however it's still slower than before and I'm worried this might be an intermittent problem from now on so I'd still like it to be followed up.
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Re: Fibre Fault

The noise on the line is not going to be playing nice with the fibre. I've just tested and no fault was detected, so the next step would be to arrange an engineer visit. Can you reply to the fault ticket at and let us know your availability.
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