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Fibre Extra

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Fibre Extra

I previously asked the question about whether or not I would benefit from upgrading to Fibre Extra. Having recently had an engineer out to fix a fault, he mentioned that I may see a benefit and that some customers near me (similar line lengths) did and some didn't.


I would like to try it out to see if I do benefit at all, however do not want to get locked in to an 18 month contract if it makes no difference for me at all.

Is there any way to try this for a month without getting locked in? 

Also if i did upgrade and subsequently downgrade, would i lose the package I am currently on (40/10)?

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Re: Fibre Extra

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Fibre Extra


Hi @spudy12


Thanks for getting in touch.


As much as I'm loathe to put you off the upgrade, I've just checked the capability of your line via and the maximum you're likely to attain is 47mb/s. As I am sure you can appreciate, that's only a slight increase on the maximum you're able to achieve without spending any money.


Obviously, it's your call, but based on the questions you've asked I'd say its probably not worth you taking the plunge for a potential 7mb/s increase.


If this is something that you did want to explore, you can give our Customer Options Team a call on 0800 328 4624 - they'll be able to talk you through the in's and out's - just a starter for ten though - we don't offer a trial period for any contract.


Best wishes