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Fibre Extra problems

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Registered: ‎28-01-2021

Fibre Extra problems

Since upgrading to fibre extra last September all was fine till December then the issues started. Very low speeds as low as 1-2 Mbps at times but usually around the 20 Mbps. Countless calls to customer services and an average wait time of 35mins to get to member.  Open reach been out to check and fix line , still problems, new router sent out , still same also using a wired connection , no better , home schooling very difficult with this problem as screen video constantly freezing. We didn't seem to have these issues when just on standard Fibre. I am paying for a premium service but getting a poor service in return. Come on Plusnet GET this sorted and make me proud like your statement or you may lose my custom in the future!!

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Re: Fibre Extra problems

PlusNet Call answering may take some time, in the meantime you can raise a fault at