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Fibre Broadband sync speed getting slower by the day

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Fibre Broadband sync speed getting slower by the day

I have read through the forum and see I am far from the only one with this issue but thought I would put my story on here, with a view to getting some guidance on where to go next.

About 5 years ago we got FTTC locally and I changed back to BT (with the usual nightmare incompetence that they are as a company) to the Infinity 2 76MB package. This worked perfectly for 1.5 years. My standard line sync speed was 55-58 MB and for the most part it rarely fluctuated from this for months. I later upgraded to the next Home Hub and got rid of the separate Fibre modem

The new  Home Hub 5 was shockingly bad and keep crashing when more than 3 wifi devices connected at the same time. I got several replacements which were just as bad. Each time the router crashed my Sync speed dropped and stayed down. I got BT Openreach to reset the DSLAM a couple of times which fixed it before I bought a Billion 8800 AXL which was rock solid.

I then had a year of 55 MB sync and no drop outs. before changing to PlusNet 2.5 years ago. The day I change to plus net my sync speed dropped to 52 MB which I though was odd but nevertheless, it sat stable at 49-52 for well over a year until last August.

Since that time my Sync speed profile drops continuously over the period of about a month to 6 weeks to about 27 MB

BT Openreach have been out twice, tested everything , put my line on a separate pair for the major part of the 650 meters from my house to the cabinet. Even when they reset the DLM and test with their kit the immediate sync speed is 48 MB but this drops to 40 within an hour or two eventually dropping to 28 MB after a month. I get considerable errors on the line at random times of day.I have new cable into house and new OpenReach face plate fitted by BT. Cable from Master Socket to router of 5 foot long.

Interesting Openreach engineer said that around Aug 17 when my problems started, they put a second DSL module in the cabinet but he assures me, this is nothing to do with my speed issues.

PlusNet engineers in all fairness have been very good and have tried hard to resolve this. But it seems everyone has given up and now just state that I cannot get decent speeds any longer.

After the last visit from the BT Engineer (same person both times) he put on the report to PlusNet

"Engineer visit on 29/11/2017:
“All tests ok on site. Have advised end customer that due to his distance from the cabinet there is no benefit in having an 80MB service instead of a 40MB one as it not possible to achieve stable sync over 40MB and no improvement is possible. Good fast test, PQT(Pair quality check) and VDSL tests."

I wish I could keep stable speeds over 40MB as today I am getting 27MB again.

PlusNet have been very good and refunded me the difference between to 76 and 38 MB package as I am not receiving the package contacted.

But the question is what to do now?

Do I do as PlusNet suggest and go back to a 38MB package and hope I get near that.

Do I raise a complaint with PlusNet again?

Do I got back to BT and hope the problem resolves?

At a complete loss as to what to do next?

For info of PlusNet if you read this, my question number was #161023777but you closed it on 21/12/17.

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