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Fibre Broadband speed is rubbish - 9Mbps

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Fibre Broadband speed is rubbish - 9Mbps

I have tried contacting Plusnet several times over the past month and cannot get through. The service is the absolute worst I've come across. I called the new customer line so that I could speak to someone, they told me they would put me through but again was on hold 35 minutes before giving up.

Why can't they give option of call back or even employ more people on their lines.

I'm need Plusnet to sort out the speed because it is [-Censored-] and now slower than normal broadband - it was decent when I first joined up, but over the past few months the speed has gone really bad and can no longer stream films from Netflix or Amazon because of buffer under run. 

Does anyone know what day and time is best to call them to get through to someone? I've just done my speed test using the speedtest and Download is 1.74Mbps and upload is upload is 2.1Mbps which is the worst I've had to date. Seems to practically stop at weekends and after 6pm on weekdays.





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Re: Fibre Broadband speed is rubbish - 9Mbps

To provide some sort of benchmark, the speed test at this site will at least provide what is considered an accurate indication of what your connection *should* support along with what you're getting.

This assumes that you are connected via ethernet direct to your router to eliminate any wifi issues.

Please paste the results back here for other more knowledgeable users to interpret.

Sadly there is a road of pain that you have to follow to get issues looked at, hopefully those awful figures will result in a quick solution or at least identify the fault.

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Re: Fibre Broadband speed is rubbish - 9Mbps

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Re: Fibre Broadband speed is rubbish - 9Mbps

Hi @marckaroo and welcome to the forums.


I'm sorry for this issues you're having and would like a chance to help you resolve them.


Are the issues you're having over a wireless or wired connection? if it's wireless can you check the speeds you get with a wired connection? if this improves the situation then we have a handy guide for improving your WiFi here


If that doesn't work can you run these tests, if you need help with the master socket you can find it here


Finaly if none of that helps please can you run a BT Speedtest at for me, ensuring you do the further diagnostics test after the first one completes and let us know how you get on?  This stores the results on the supplier system and allows us to use this to report the fault.


 Jono H
 Plusnet Community Manager