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Fibre Broadband - Disgruntled Customer

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Fibre Broadband - Disgruntled Customer

So here is the story/message I left on the Member Centre Portal regarding my fibre broadband experience.


Dear Sirs,

Regarding the recent changes to my account - tonyb55.

It came to my attention that PlusNet has implemented changes to their Fibre Broad Band packages that are affecting my broadband speeds.

To explain the effect of these it is necessary to go into some detail about how the PlusNet packages align with the Openreach backbone offerings and to understand that ALL Fibre Broadband Lines are 80/20 but by implementing software restrictions (at the exchange) they slow down the speeds in each direction.

Openreach "80/20 GEA-FTTC" - aligns with PlusNet Unlimited Fibre Extra (76/20) - £19.99

Openreach "55/10 GEA-FTTC" - not offered by Plusnet

Openreach "40/10 GEA-FTTC" - PlusNet Unlimited Fibre (38/10) - £14.99?Huh
Openreach "40/2 GEA-FTTC" - PlusNet Unlimited Fibre (38/10) - £14.99?Huh

Prior to 17th October I was on the £19.99 PlusNet Unlimited Fibre Extra (80/20) but it appears that due to the maximum download speed the PlusNet "system" downgraded me to PlusNet Unlimited Fibre. I did NOT request this change, I DID however (on the 15th October) request that the call plan Anytime @ £6.50 be reinstated.

It should be noted that I became aware of this as I noticed a drop in both Download and Upload speeds - prior to the changes I was obtaining approx 32-33MB download and 6-7MB upload - following the changes my download speed had dropped to approx 29MB and upload speed to 1.75-1.9MB. These represent around 10% and 66% reductions!

Following on from my telephone conversations over the past few days - 27th & 28th October - I thought we had resolved the matter:

Yesterday we agreed that all the changes to the broadband package (and speeds) implemented on the 17th and agreed on the 27th via phone would be cancelled (as these were within the 14 days cancellation period) and I would be put back onto the Unlimited Fibre Extra package bringing my speeds back upto where the were previously.

However testing the speeds today via the BT Wholesale Speed Test ( shows that my current speeds are:

Download: 17.08Mbps
Upload: 1.67Mbps
Ping: 36.5ms

Further Tests using BT Wholesale Speed Test show that the maximum values on my line are capped at:

Download: 31.72Mbps
Upload: 2Mbps

I understand that speeds can vary with time of day etc etc But find it interesting that my Upload is capped at 2Mbps! (Please see the attached images for screenshots of the test outcome.)

These are no where near to the speeds I SHOULD be achieving......

Now I completely understand that distance from the Cabinet determines the maximum speeds obtainable in both directions. However as I was achieving better speeds on the same infrastucture prior to the product change the only reason that I can see for the drop in my speeds is that the software "switches" that are employed have not been changed.

So in effect I am still on PlusNet Fibre Unlimited (whether that is the 40/2 or the 40/10) rather than on the PlusNet Extra Fibre Unlimited which is what I was on and want to be on again.

Currently I am NOT happy with the service I am getting from PlusNet and the speeds don't match those I was receiving at the beginning of this same month!

Consequently until this is resolved satisfactorally I am NOT prepared to enter into another 18month agreement when, at least as far as I can ascertain, I can obtain the same "Openreach "80/20 GEA-FTTC" - PlusNet Unlimited Fibre Extra (76/20) - £19.99" elsewhere and at a cheaper cost.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully


I have been running the BtWholesaleSpeedtest and although the line is rated for 31.76Mbps DOWNLOAD I am receiving less than this. The UPLOAD is CAPPED @ 2Mbps!!

Clearly I am still on the wrong product!!

Please HELP



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Re: Fibre Broadband - Disgruntled Customer

PN upload of limit 2 Meg is pretty stupid for superfast broadband. Lips are sealed Embarrassed

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Re: Fibre Broadband - Disgruntled Customer

Welcome to the community forums @tonyb55


Looking at your account you arranged to change from the legacy Plusnet Unlimited Fibre (80/20) to Unlimited Fibre (40/2) a few days ago, but later that day there are further notes essentially cancelling out this package change, in order to stay on Unlimited Fibrbe Extra (80/20).


When the initial package change was requested, automation placed an order to regrade the service to 40/2 in line with the package you'd requested to change to. However when this was later undone in favour for going to Unlimited Fibre Extra, automation could not place an order as there was already an in-flight order to change the service.


I understand an order has been placed today to correct this, so your service should be provisioned back on 80/20 by tomorrow. Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

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