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Fibre Broadband = 2mbps ?!!

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Fibre Broadband = 2mbps ?!!

I moved into my new place one month ago today. I ordered Plusnet Unlimited Fibre after they assured me that my new address was served by BT OpenReach fibre.

After many hours and days spent on hold and a comedy of errors where my order kept mysteriously being cancelled due to "problems with BT OpenReach", my internet was finally activated on the 4th April.

The phone line had a fault which was eventually fixed but I have had problems with fluctuating speeds ever since. I was told to wait 10 days for the fibre to stabilise but it has gotten worse and worse.

Mornings are OK for light email but it constantly drops out. In the afternoon YouTube is slow and by the evening I cannot even load a regular website. YouTube videos only play in low resolution, BBC iPlayer does not play for more than a few seconds without buffering. It won't play at all on my Samsung Smart TV.

I have done regular BT speed checks and I rarely get more than 3 mbps.

Right now (see attached screenshot), it says:

DL speed: 2.08

UL speed: 0.00

Ping: 40.88

I have tried resetting my Plusnet router, following endless FAQ advice and tips but it's still maddening slow. I'm at my wits end. I need a stable internet connection for work Skype calls and wondering why on earth I am paying for so called superfast unlimited Fibre when I can't even stream a low-resolution video.


I am trying this forum as I have wasted so many hours with Plusnet on the phone following the initial setup problems. Every time I get a different member of staff and have to explain everything all over again only to get completely different response, usually along the lines of "I don't have the authority / ability to resolve this, there is nothing I can do."

Really hope I can get some productive help here to resolve this.

Thank you in advance... fingers crossed.


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Re: Fibre Broadband = 2mbps ?!!

Hi Maukdesu, 

Can you advise if you are testing the speed when using WiFi or a cable connection to the PC?

A poor WiFi connection can slow  broadband  to very low  speeds.

Assuming you are using a cable  connection:

Some more information is needed to understand what the Ooenreach line is capable of.

I am avoiding calling it your line as the line is owned by Openreach.

Can you first check the BT ADSL checker to see what BT estimate for the line.

Please post the results on here but remove your phone number.

In addition, can you post the modem stats from the router, so the BT estimate can be compared to the actual situation?

Assumin you are usingva Plusnet Hub One router, hou can  find the stats at: then click troubleshooting and then help desk

You will need to enter the router password to access.

With these details it should be possible  for the knowledgeable folk who visit this forum to help.



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Re: Fibre Broadband = 2mbps ?!!

Hi there. I'm really sorry to hear this.

Our tests are showing your router in sync at 40mbps with no issues or signs of congestion at the exchange.

Are your devices connecting over WiFi or straight to the router using an ethernet cable?

If you're using WiFi, would you be able to try a wired connection? This will help narrow down where the problem lies. If your speed is OK that way, then it's likely the issue lies with the wireless signal and further help can be found here:

If you're still having problems using a wired connection, please can you run a speed test at completing the further diagnostics at the end?

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 Anoush Mortazavi
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Fibre Broadband = 2mbps ?!!

Thank you both for your helpful replies.

I use a MacBook Pro, which does not have an Ethernet port, so it was not possible to run a wired connection test.

However today I bought an Ethernet to USB-C adaptor in order to test the speed again but this time plugged directly into the router.

While pages load a little faster, the result is a DL speed of still only 6mbps (see attached screenshot).

When I try to then run the further diagnostic test as suggested, I get an error message saying:

“The performance tester is currently unable to run a speed test for your broadband connection.” (See second screenshot).

I have made several attempts at different times throughout the day but with no joy.

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Re: Fibre Broadband = 2mbps ?!!

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Re: Fibre Broadband = 2mbps ?!!

Hi the BTW speed test doesn't give a proper result as it has issues working with some broswers I would use this speed tester instead

it's a much more reliable speed test if your still seeing 6Mb or so on a wired connection with this test then further investigation will be required.