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Fibre Availability in my postcode

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Fibre Availability in my postcode

Was supposed to have my broadband activated on Friday 3rd October but did not receive a text or email. Rang Plusnet after the weekend to see what the problem was and they said that when they were trying to install the fibre, the engineer could not find any available lines. 

The next time they will look has been scheduled for the 31st Oct, which means that if the wifi is activated then, and there is no guarantee that there will be a line free of course, then I will have had to wait over 2 months from my first payment to setting it up! 


What can I do to maximise the chance that there is either a free cable or to arrange an earlier date on which the engineer will come?

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Re: Fibre Availability in my postcode

Hi @henrygalston and welcome to the forum.

No easy answer I'm afraid. Cry , it all depends on where the problem lies.  
Possible choices in rough order of timescale to resolve:  (assuming FTTC fibre delivery)

  1. There should be capacity available at your local cabinet, but some ports are faulty and awaiting a fix.
  2. There really are no spare ports at the cabinet, but there is capacity for more ports to be fitted.
  3. There are no spare ports AND the cabinet has reached maximum capacity.

Judging by the way you've reported the problem, I'd hope that option 1 is the source of your issue.  This is fairly common and down to local engineering capacity and spares to sort.  Weeks of delay is common though.

If your problem is covered by option 2 or option 3, then the delay could be much longer, particularly with engineer availability due to COVID.

Hope this gets fixed for you soon.


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