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Fiber network drops

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Registered: ‎28-07-2020

Fiber network drops

HI , 

Long story cut short.    Originally had Deco network issues since switched from asdl to fibre (dont know if it was drop outs or if Deco FW  updates caused this as it was ok for years). Daughter complained so much that  2 weeks ago put in several network drops so i could put decos on backhaul.  


Last week modem started dropping packets, noticed this on calls and while using remote desktop into servers over vpn from my pc.

Checked by plugging laptop into Router and running ping and not over network or wifi.  Plusnet also see dropouts.   

Had Open reach out twice now and they say that line is ok.   Only thing they can thing of is too many devices on network ,  just had a look and there is 33 devices registered on the Fritzbox 7530.   

Could these be causing network dropouts.  Recently added 3 eufy security cams which will be using the Deco network. 


Fritzbox 7530
Port to powerline
port to wall ethernet
port to Main Deco -> Wifi socket, Laptop , Amazon Show, Eufy Security Cam, 2x Amazon Dots, (when online or in use, 1 wifi plug, 2x mobiles 2x kindle)

Powerline socket
Herobox pc
Desktop pc

wire to tplink switch
1 deco (Hall) Amazon Dot
1 deco (Lounge) -> Amazon Show, Eufy Security Cam, (when online or in use 2 mobiles, 1x kindle, 2 wifi plugs)
1 deco (Daughters Room) -> PC, google mini , Eufy Security Cam, Amazon Show, 1 mobile (when online, 1x kindle)
Outdoor WIFI antenna
Second tplink Switch from cable from above switch
Hue Hub


Regards Bill