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Fiber Extra constant drops and packet loss

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Fiber Extra constant drops and packet loss

This has been a problem for months now. I have done all i can. New router test socket wired connection etc.

so i dont get complete disconnects but may aswell be. will lag out of games Skype calls and any video stream will freeze. Across multiple devices to note

when i tested today during the spike i had 0 dl and 0.44 up and some packet loss. 

The drops last for 10 secs up to about a minute.

I lived about half a mile away from current address not long ago on the same package and connected to the same exchange but the connection was stable.

really dont know what to do so willing to start making records of drops with whatever tests needed as when i contact chat they are no help whatsoever.


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Re: Fiber Extra constant drops and packet loss

Log it as a fault:

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