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Faulty bt openreach modem dsl

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Registered: ‎23-01-2018

Faulty bt openreach modem dsl

I have had a BT Openreach Modem for a few years now working as a pair with apple time machine.

Never had an issue in the past however, as of today the dsl light has gone off and despite having taken all the differen reset options for the modem the light will not come back on.

From reading online it appears that this issue is cause with a problem on the line.

Is there anyway plusnet can check my line for the modem so I can start to rule out where the issue might be. Out of ideas for the dsl issue if not this.

Many thanks,
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Re: Faulty bt openreach modem dsl

hi there

Is this the BT Openreach branded VDSL Fibre modem that is not syncing? There are two types, ECI and Huawei, with the later being slightly smaller.


Or is it another device ?

Which type router are you linking it with?

Do you have a dial tone when you lift the receiver of your phone?

Have you carried out a quiet line test on the phone line? Any noises, clicks or strange buzzing ?

What else is connected to your phone line?  Unplug all other phones and any other devices using the phone line.

Remove the faceplate of the main master phone socket and this should disconnect and thereby rule out any faults with any extension wiring you may have.

Behind the faceplate is the test socket

Plug the modem into the test socket of the master socket - and see if the modem works then. You will need to use a microfilter.

If any of the above check out as faulty then report a line fault with the compnay you pay line rental to.

Good luck

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Faulty bt openreach modem dsl

Welcome to the community forums @Mrdixon87

It doesn't look like your Openreach modem is faulty, because our tests are showing your circuit affected by a major service outage. Our suppliers have advised us that it's due to a local power outage.

This was due to be resolved by this afternoon, but the required work remains outstanding. Due to the time of day, our suppliers can't chase this up with Openreach now, but I've set a reminder for us to check back tomorrow.

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 Anoush Mortazavi
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