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Fault fixed but lower sync speeds

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Fault fixed but lower sync speeds



A few weeks ago I reported a fault after my very stable (3+ years) fibre line started to fall over, regular re-syncs and then extreme DLM followed by service only staying up for 15 mins or less before falling over again.


I reported the fault and an engineer was booked, the chap from Openreach tested the line and said it was clean.


He then went off to the cabinet to check some things, did some kind of reset, and all was well until about a week later when Plusnet customer service asked me whether I was switching off the router as they were still seeing disconnects. 




One thing I did do was change the power supply on the router (Draytek 2860) - I've had issues with faulty (or low output) PSU's before. All seems well, and stable, but even after a week or more I'm seeing lower downstream sync rates than in the three years before now.


Plusnet customer services say its within limits for my line, but the point is that before now my router was reporting 79999 down, 19999 up - constantly - for three years. Now I'm seeing 66997 & 19999. Attainable rate is somewhere near that, with a downstream SNR of 11. Sometimes the downstream SNR reports 6 or so, with an attainable rate of around 40000.


My questions is where do I go from here? wait and see what DLM thinks after a few weeks or push Plusnet customer support for a better answer than the line is within limits (even though its been faster for three years) ?


I closed the original fault as I thought it had been fixed, and I expected DLM to return me to 79999, 19999 but it hasn't so far.


I have pasted my current router stats below.






ATU-R Information:
Type: VDSL2
Hardware: Annex A
Power Mngt Mode: DSL_G997_PMS_L0
Line State: SHOWTIME
Running Mode: 17A
Vendor ID: b5004946 544e0000


ATU-C Information:
Vendor ID: b5004244 434da48c [BDCM]

(down)                                (up)

Actual Rate 66997 Kbps    19999 Kbps
Attainable Rate 67466        Kbps 33666 Kbps
Path Mode Fast                  Fast
Interleave Depth 1              1
Actual PSD 6. 1 dB             13. 3 dB


(down)                                (up)

Trellis ON                            ON
Bitswap ON                         ON
ReTx 0                                 1
SNR Margin 11 dB              15 dB
Attenuation 14 dB               16 dB
CRC 0                                 97992
FECS 0 s                            508688 s
ES 0 s                                 54715 s
SES 0 s                              1399 s
LOSS 0 s                            8 s
UAS 26 s                            72980 s
HEC Errors 0                      0
RS Corrections 0                0
LOS Failure 0                     0
LOF Failure 0                     0
LPR Failure 0                     0
NCD Failure 0                    0
LCD Failure 0                     0
NFEC 254                          32
RFEC 16                            16
LYSMB 5374                      16


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Re: Fault fixed but lower sync speeds

Best of luck getting anything done, after 13 weeks my download speed has been made 20% worse by Openreach and now PlusNet just keep reaming off "it's within spec".


They couldn't care less and have no interest in giving you the best possible connection, see my thread here:

As they have only offered to let me out of contract with no charge, it's fairly obvious they will do nothing to keep loyal paying customers when Openreach will do nothing to fix their own mistakes.



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Re: Fault fixed but lower sync speeds

Indeed it seems to be going around in a circle, a very tight one which centres on the line is within limits so Openreach won't accept a fault.


Time for Openreach to be split away from BT completely. I would go as far as making it a trust with an elected executive - elected by both ISP's and end users (should end users care enough to want to vote: this could, however, be achieved via the ISPs)


Try any kind of its within our limits so no matter its 13mb slower than before the fault and see how long those in charge of OR keep their cushy, probably quite well paid, jobs at the next vote.


Either way there should be a standard to what a line is restored to when a fault is fixed, and that limit should be near to what it was previously - especially if the line held a particular speed for a long period (in my case, 3+ years) - I don't call the current 67mb "near" what it was before, which was 80mb.


I does feel like a bit of a whinge as 67mb I know would be a dream in parts of this country, as would half that speed, but something changed and I would like to know exactly what. The OR engineer said the line tested fine (as it does, still, when PN test it) but nobody can answer why its now around 13mb slower than it was.


Just the same old "within spec, so OR won't accept a fault" routine.


It just feels like a rough deal that if a line is fixed, but ends up slower, then the only hope for a further fix is if it falls below a certain threshold. You could end up with a slower line than you had, but tough luck. Its a bizarre way of running a service, and a wider infrastructure.