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Fast to download, slow to make a connection - Fibre

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Fast to download, slow to make a connection - Fibre

Just wondering whether anyone else has experienced this particular problem:

A couple of months ago I noticed that websites were becoming very slow to get an initial connection. Once the connection was achieved, they seemed as fast as normal. Downloading/streaming seemed fine (once a connection was established)

E.g. it could take 30s or more to get any response from the BBC iPlayer page, but once there I could stream a show in HD no problem. At its worst, webpages would timeout without loading at all.

Everything looked perfectly normal from Plusnet's side, and the connection was stable enough. Third-party speed tests showed normal results (about 40 down and 10 up), with the exception of BT Wholesale's speed tester which was all over the place (reported down speeds were 20, or 8, or 2, or even zero on a few occasions!).

Plusnet sent an engineer who could find no fault with the line. A factory reset of the Plusnet Hub One seemed to resolve the problem for a while (a couple of weeks if I was lucky, a couple of days if not). So Plusnet sent me a replacement router, which initially seemed to resolve the problem, but after a few days the same problem started happening again. As before, a factory reset has solved the problem... for now.

Just to be clear, this affects multiple devices, multiple browsers, multiple websites, computers plugged directly into the hub as well as wifi devices.

I'm keeping my ticket open, but I thought it might be helpful to see if anyone else has got any ideas...?


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Re: Fast to download, slow to make a connection - Fibre

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