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Failed order Failed activation date this is seriously affecting my job

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Registered: ‎09-09-2020

Failed order Failed activation date this is seriously affecting my job

Placed my order on 17th August. Got a notification on 24 about which of two existing lines to my new address which I answered within 3 hours. Ticket says off hold so I expected this to be resolved and waited the requisite 10 working days which coincided with my return to work. Working from home under coved both myself and my wife in senior positions with a significant ammount of responisbility. Nothing, no update, no communication.... I called and told the order failed but this was not communicated to me. Order replaced with a promise of an update within 24 "working" hours, nothing, I called and got an automated message saying we're too busy call back tomorrow!!!!!

So I call the cancelation line as this is unacceptable, but I'm told my activation will happen in 2 days so I stick with it, that was supposed to have happened up to midnight last night and I'm still here with no broadband.

For our work this is having a massive impact, I'm contractually obligated to get things done and working from home under COVID I have to access my works VPN to do my job, I'm now 6 days without that ability and my clients are not impressed as my lack of action is holding up 65million pound project completions!


I've never had such poor service and have dealt with many ISP's. We're being baited by false promises and to cancel and re apply with another ISP is going to add further delays. We chose Plusnet as it is supposed to be highly rated, that's not my experience.