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FTTC trial, looking to change product

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FTTC trial, looking to change product

Before the plus net fibre products went on general release Plusnet wanted customers to trial the service.
I was one such customer. We then got to keep the fibre product for the price of our existing ADSL product. Cool
So now I am on an ADSL product  with Fibre speeds.
The only thing now is that I am busting my 60GB download limit.
To get this to be unlimited I need to change my product.
But it is not clear to me (nor customer service) what will happen if I change product for a similar ADSL product. Will I keep the fibre broadband speeds, or will they revert to ADSL speeds?
Does anyone know if I will lose the fibre speeds if I change my product?
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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Re: FTTC trial, looking to change product

Hi Steve,
If you went for a current ADSL product it would limit you to the ADSL speeds as those are set by the product on your account, your account is currently on a package we can no longer select, you would n eed to choose a current Fibre product to keep the speeds and increase usage limits, I'd suggest giving Customer Options a call on 0800 013 2632 as they'll most likely be able to sort out some good discounts for you

 Paul Tarr
 Plusnet Network Operations