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FTTC speed drop over the last few days.

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FTTC speed drop over the last few days.

At what point should one consider a speed drop is normal for a FTTC connection or a problem to be investigated?
I ask because on the 25th I reported in the ‘Home Phone’ thread an ‘intermittent crackle’ on a long incoming telephone call, however a user instigated ‘line test’ showed ‘No Fault Found’.
Normal download/upload speeds for our line are around 75/16, but on the 25th the speed did drop a small amount to 73/15, nothing to get upset about and I only mentioned it in passing so there was a record on file. This morning I did another BTW test (I do one most Mondays) after problems connecting to some sites over the weekend and find the speed has dropped even further to 69/12.
The FTTC cabinet is around 150/200 Mtrs from our house, all cables are underground and 40 years old and the maximum number of users on our bundle of cables is 20 (assuming everyone had FTTC which they don’t).
This to me looks like there could well be a problem somewhere but other threads have reported problems with some sort of BT firmware rollout during the last week or so and I wonder if I’ve been hit by this problem (or not), I do have a BT Openreach ECI modem with a Plusnet supplied Router.
Any advice from longer term users would be appreciated as I don’t like to bother support unless I have a good reason, regards P.
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: FTTC speed drop over the last few days.

Hi Pendragon,
Our ability to raise a speed fault with BTW depends on the results of a speed test.
For a residential fibre connection such as yours this would usually happen if the speeds have dropped below 60% of the estimate.
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 Adam Walker
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