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FTTC performance stats- feedback & resolution? TG582n FTTC & BT Openreach rev/r

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Registered: ‎29-07-2013

FTTC performance stats- feedback & resolution? TG582n FTTC & BT Openreach rev/r

Everything pointed towards a 76/20 performance from my FTTC unlimited upgrade
Running a download/upload test  program (Jack Dinns Auto Speed Tester) confirms the 20mb upload 
but however I have failed to get anywhere near 76Mb max consistently [I realise running a bandwidth
test when other activities are taking place will show a reduced bandwidth so running it hourly 24/7]
I do also realise that swapping over the FTTC modems can result in a speed drop, but using a
colleagues modified BT Openreach modem (unlocked  to allow stats to be downloaded)
I got the following linestats data out using eDMT
I have used DMT many times on ordinary (non-fibre) broadband connections and it is very informative and is compatible with a wide range of modems: - I would like to find a description of each of the plots and their real relevance to FTTC performance.....

Note the dip in the SNR plot..... n.b the stats relate to a relatively short period of download/upload
Sadly the record below shows a period of testing for the original BT modem and an all-in-one Netgear device (modem & router combined) that I was given as an alternative device

A visit from Mr Openreach ended in me being told my line was basically perfect and one of the best he had seen....
Question 1 - Can these linestats be extracted without the need for the use of an  "enabled"
device like the breathed on /r ECI BT modemHuh? Are there other modems or modem/routers that spill the beans more readily?
Question 2: - do the line stats suggest a problem that can be solved? why the
dip in the SNR graph otherwise? I'm uncertain as to what the plots mean
Happy New year
Dr B