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FTTC Service in Inverness

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FTTC Service in Inverness

My daughter has just moved to Inverness & wants FTTC from PN.  You accepted the order but now say there are no 'cards' available.  I assume this is in the cabinet not the exchange.  She is on cabinet No 37 fed from Macdhui exchange.  Any idea when she is likely to get an FTTC connection?

In the meantime what is likely ADS L speed?

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Re: FTTC Service in Inverness

This will mean they've run out of cards in the cabinet. They may be able to add more cards to the cabinet, or if it's full they'll need to install a new cabinet. I was in this situation when I moved into a flat I tried to order fibre; I had to accept normal ADSL instead..

To find out the predicted ADSL 2+ speed range go to This will also tell you if FTTC is "Available" or "Waiting List" (meaning out of slots).

When I asked plus-net they said they couldn't say when slots would be added but BT normally add new slots in 1-3 months. However at my cabinet they didn't in the 4 months I waited (and according to my neighbours, for months before that), I live in an area with a lot of flats and a high turn-over of residents so in the end I checked for availability every day until availability came up due to a resident moving out. I then called plus net that day and they put the order through. Don't use the online upgrade as you'll have to pay full price, instead speak to the customer options team (follow the menus to disconnections) and they'll put you on a new customer deal.