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FTPS problem with small files

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FTPS problem with small files

Been transferring some files with FTPS single connection (3-50 MB)  normally  get speeds of 3000+ KB/s but in the last month every few files drops to less than 75 KB/s

If I cancel and restart file ( without disconnecting ) it goes back to 3000+ KB/s


Different  PC

Different Client

Different FTP server

Rebooting router ( moved gate ways from pcn-bng02 to pcn-bng04 )

Is this linked the problems that others have been posting about here ?


Speed tests come back as


But Youtube now buffers some times,

And my son has issues with COD






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Re: FTPS problem with small files

could well be, so far not found many other test cases to prove against, put small ftp downloads could be one to add into the test list.

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Re: FTPS problem with small files

What host are you transferring files from if you don't mind me asking?

Bob Pullen
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Re: FTPS problem with small files

Some network protocols can be horribly inefficient when transferring small files. SMB (the Windows protocol) is one such example - the difference can be quite startling. A hundred 100kB files will take several seconds to transfer. A single 10,000kB file will transfer in fractions of a second.

At a previous job where we were often transferring data from our office to the corporate servers in Minneapolis over a VPN we got into the habit of zipping the files first then transferring the archive. Even with the overhead of zipping/unzipping it was still faster.

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Re: FTPS problem with small files

It has worked flawlessly since I joined in 2014 until Nov/Dec 2016

file size is 3-50 MB example

6.29 MB in 1 minute 27 seconds (73.6 KB/s)

Delete file and retry

6.29 MB in 2.38 seconds (3,378.8 KB/s)

I have ignored below 3MB as the transfer is too fast ( the hand shake takes longer )

the 3000 KB/s will be the limit of the server

I cannot reproduce with same file downloaded over and over , it has to be a queue