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FTP - Over my PN Connection

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Registered: 20-02-2013

FTP - Over my PN Connection



I'm a freelance PHP developer and as such do a fair amount of FTP'ing up and down to web servers.


I've had an intermittent issue lately that I've been thrashing out with the server providers where my FTP transfers will simply hang. It might download 50mb and stop on a 3k file for a minute or two and then pick up and carry on. Or it might do 500mb and then hang for a minute on every file there after. There's no pattern to it. It can be one file, or a 1000 files in the queue. Makes no odds.

I've been a PHP developer for the last 20 years, so yes I'm well aware that servers can be busy, no I'm not on Wifi, no it's not dropping the PN connection, no it's not after 3pm when the kids get home, etc. etc.


I've tried three different FTP clients. It's not all to the same server. One server provider has gone to great lengths analysing log files their end as well as the logs from my FTP clients. We cannot see any rhyme nor reason for it.

Is there anything that my Plusnet fibre connection could possibly be doing - packet shaping, whatever, that could be causing me these FTP issues?


I'm getting 60 down and 20 up - there abouts anyway. We can stream 4K video without any issue, but upload and download a 10mb website and I could be there for an absolute age.