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FTC Download Speed Reduction of almost 40% in six weeks?

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FTC Download Speed Reduction of almost 40% in six weeks?

Fibre installation on 7 September 2015 (albeit with Openreach engineer reporting an unresolved issue) with steady speed via cat 5e cable recorded at 40 Mbps such as to also produce circa 35 Mbps using WiFi on same floor.  Rechecked in middle of September and confirmed these speeds.
However, only a month later the best achievable via cableconnected  to router is now only 24 or 25 Mbps with BTW showing "the acceptable range of speeds is 20 Mbps - 26.52
Mbps". Is such a marked reduction i.e. almost 40% regarded as being "normal" ? If it has gone down that much in a month how much more is it likely to fall as other people get connected to the Crickhowell exchange ?
Overall extremely disappointed as the current speed when radiated throughout the house, either by WiFi or Homeplug, are often degraded so that speed tests show only 2 or 3 Mbps whilst even this seems to drops out with disturbing regularity and can even lead to iPlayer programmes ending up being frozen completely or just buffering at  times.  In this respect downloads have actually deteriorated since "upgrading" to fibre from ADSL.
Any thoughts on this phenomena would be much appreciated.
Thank you. 
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Re: FTC Download Speed Reduction of almost 40% in six weeks?

If you are referring to actual throughput then yes sadly BTW have some very odd ideas of what is  acceptable, on a connection that syncs at the full 80/20 rates, with an IP profile of 77.35 they think it's acceptable performance wise for your throughput to drop to as low as 40mbps ,They are having a laugh with this cop out , Is your speed as low all the time or only during peak times (7pm -12am) ?