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have been having LOTS of problems today  Embarrassed  started this morning with NO internet ,,,,,,  yes i rang PN  Wink only on hold 15mins went through the regular tests with no joy agent suspected the new PN router at fault he dispatch me a replacement
so i set up PPOE with the BT modem all was fine for several hours until i turn off the PC  ..... when i turn it back on  Angry Angry Angry No connection !!  after several attempts still no connection ,  said unable to connect ??  so eventually uninstalled all Connections via device manager , restart install Hey HO it connects , BUT same again after shut down no connection , But decided its a win 10 problem .
Anyhow after getting very frustrated  i plug in the PN Fast router and BEHOLD i have internet again ?Huh
So the question about the PN router is , is there a problem with leaving it on causing heat ? to cause disconnects  ??    reason is because i never turn mine off  is this a know problem ?
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Re: F@ST2704N

Quote from: rongtw
is there a problem with leaving it on causing heat ? to cause disconnects  ?? 

Pure speculation I would say, I´ve never had a problem with mine disconnecting ever!.