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Existing customer fibre switch

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Existing customer fibre switch

Couple of questions .......
Am i right in assuming that the free 6 months of fibre is only for new customers?  I just went through product change and it does not reflect that.
If i switch my product to fibre today, does my contract get reset to 18 months?  My current contract expires in April 15.
Only reason i ask, is EE fibre do contract buy outs so easy to swtich supplier and they cover the contract breakout costs so i just wanted to clarify the free 6 months fibre costs before switching...or upgrading with PN.

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Re: Existing customer fibre switch

Don't do it that way
Phone Customer Options - also called cancellations and see what they will offer
    0800 013 2632    0330 123 9197
    8am - 8pm Monday to Friday
    9am - 7pm Saturday
    9am - 6pm Sunday