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Exchange Only Line

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Registered: ‎15-12-2014

Exchange Only Line

Hi All,
I have just found out that my line is EO. So of course I wont be able to get the FTTC that is currently being enabled in my area. Do PN or anyone else know what BTW/OR's plans are for EO lines?  Looking online it seems that its a numbers game and than OR will only move groups of houses onto there own PCP / Cabinet to ensure cost absorption (something that I understand they need to do) 
Is there any hope in getting FTTC? Or Should i give up hope.
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Re: Exchange Only Line

My mum's house is like this, and I looked into before I moved out. From what I remember it'd be everybody on an EO line being moved to a cabinet outside the exchange front door. However, the consesus was that this wouldn't be looked at until the end of the FTTC rollout, as most people on EO lines have good ADSL2+ anyway.
I'd imagine they'll also be the first in line for FTTP.