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Evening resync?

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Registered: ‎12-02-2016

Evening resync?

So up until Monday I had a fritz 7390 and would get a daily resync, normally around 8am. I now have a Fritz 7490 and I am getting daily resyncs with this. A few months back I was moving the router a lot during one day and my speed dipped below 40mb and has never recovered above this.


Few points:

  • If i perform a manual resync on the router, it connects at 40mb down and 7.1mb up
    • If i do this it resyncs usually withing a couple of hours or late evening (around 9-10PM)

My line was originally supposed to get 56mb, with this new fritz 7490 it shows I can get 49mb and the plusnet website estimate shows 49mb now since the change of router.


Should I wait a few weeks before contacting support? I'm wondering if my profile has become banded/stuck below 40mb and needs a DLM reset?, as you can see my throughpput down is 40mb and up is 20mb.

Any suggestions?

Few images of DSL and stats: