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Embarrasingly Slow Speeds

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Embarrasingly Slow Speeds

Is anyone else experiencing patchiness in speeds which are simply unusable and not really what I'm paying for?  I recently upgraded to Fibre Extra because the speed was causing problems with a family of four at home.  After that was delivered earlier this week (and so far hasn't made the jump in speed I was hoping for to be honest - but it's early days) I'm experiencing crippling drops in speed for both up and download.


For example last night 3mbps up and down and i've been checking again this morning and it's not changed.  I've switched off the router and switched it on again and just did a few more tests (Speedcheck on my iPhone) and the last one moments ago 1.05 mbps down and 2.27 up.  I am sitting right next to the router too so no obstructions.


Am i the only one? 

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Re: Embarrasingly Slow Speeds

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Re: Embarrasingly Slow Speeds

More info would help as a search on "Fibre Extra" does not help much.


Did you have ADSL before?  i.e. NOT fibre = copper wires all the way from the telephone exchange to home?

or  FTTC  before = fibre to green box in the street then copper pair from the box to home?

Assuming not too far from green cabinet to home then FTTC should give good speeds.  What did your contract say?  My FTTC at I think 600m to the green cabinet gives me normally 42 / 10  ish. Now   34 /7 as it rained a couple of days ago. 


Basically whoever you go with, the (BT/Openreach) kit is the same, just the badge changed, the only difference is ADSL (with variations)  and then FTTC which unless a seriously long distance to the green cabinet is going to be faster.


What speed did you get before and on which service ADSL or FTTC ?  + what minimum speed in contract?