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Email about changes

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Email about changes

Hi I've received the email about changes to my package.

Basically you are increasing my "up to" speed from 38mb to 52mb. Great.... I only get 17!

And decreasing my upload speeds from 18mb to 9mb.... great, I only get 0.5mb.

What a joke. So I have to pay yet another £1 a month on line rental to get much less than someone else just down the road.

I understand why our speeds are what they are, as we are 1mile from the green box, however right at the end of our drive fibre cables which were laid up the road 8 months ago just sit there sticking out the ground. These could give us the level of service you are "promoting" and charging for yet they just sit there. Even the BT engineers can't say when they'll be used or connected.


Improving your support pages, making it easier to use the community, etc are not what we pay for. Investment in your network is good, but how does it benefit customers like me right now? It seems those already hitting 38mb will now get 52mb, whilst we pay for it... and sit looking at unused cables in envy.

You think noone is bothered about uploads, well in a world where we store online, use FTP, access and upload/email photos etc, 0.5mb uploads is slow.

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Re: Email about changes

Hello @ukguy1 and welcome to the forum.

I understand your frustration so I'd say what's really needed is a capacity driven billing system, so the more capacity you have the more you pay. It could easily be billed in chunks for both directions, and I don't think it's beyond the wit of your average ISP to implement such a thing.

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Re: Email about changes

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