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Echo Request Interval?

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Echo Request Interval?

I notice that there's an Echo request interval in the settings of my TP-Link TD-W9980 Modem Router. Default is 30, what does it do, and is 30 the best setting?

On set up, I left all settings at default, I'm not sure if I'd get better performance setting them differently?

The Authentication Type by default is "Auto_Auth", it can be set to CHAP which is apparently right for PlusNet, would doing so improve performance do you think?

Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Echo Request Interval?

Hi there,


and echo request is basically another way of describing a ping test. ICMP sends packets to the target host and waits for a reply.


This is basically the routers way of knowing that the connection is working and what it uses to trigger a full disconnection if it believes the connection is down if it receives no response.


Some people set this to a shorter duration like 5 or 10ms if they experience issues but I'd leave it if you;re not sure.

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