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ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Internet comes and goes

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Registered: ‎06-02-2021

ERR_CONNECTION_RESET Internet comes and goes



Since 04/2/2021 I have been experiencing internet outages in my home on and off sometimes for over an hour. The modem's light is blue so it should indicate that I have connection, I even recently called the helpline and the advisor tested my phone landline and said everything's OK he even suggested I change to another channel which I did twice.

However the issue was not resolved since when I try to open up a website like google or any other, it takes me to a page where it says connection reset or it takes me to the the Plusnet Hub Manager menu; there it tells me I have connection. It does this on my mobile and laptop except I can access YouTube (although all thumbnail images are missing) only on my laptop for some strange reason. 


The only reason I am able to write this because everything is OK for now, but I don't know when I the internet will go again, please advise.


Thank you.