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Drop in IP Profile and download speed

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Drop in IP Profile and download speed

Reference ticket 132607405.

The Fault Team response has been that a 7.7 Mbps connection speed is acceptable for my line (1714 metres approx from the FTTC green cabinet).

However,on fibre installation in January 2016 the OR engineer recorded sync at 17Mbps. Over time the IP Profile has reduced from a steady 13.11Mbps (7 July) to the current 7.75Mbps.

The GEA service test shows OK. The line is currently stable with no disconnects. I understnad that Plusnet cannot reset IP Profiles and rely on DLM to do the job.

Will the DLM increase the sync speed and IP profile after a period of stability? I believe there are 8, and 24 day bands depending on the time that the line is stable?

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Re: Drop in IP Profile and download speed

Assuming the profile drop was caused by line instability and that has been corrected DLM will slowly increase speed however some on this forum have reported this can take a long time to increase.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Drop in IP Profile and download speed

Yes, DLM should lead to speed changes in either direction depending on stability.



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