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Drop Pings on Lan, not on Wireless, Hub Ping OK

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Registered: ‎04-03-2014

Drop Pings on Lan, not on Wireless, Hub Ping OK


Weird one, at least it is to me as I don't understand this - maybe someone out there does!

I am getting dropped pings to Google ( from my 2 PCs that are connected via a gigabit switch to the Hub One. The drops are random, can be 5 a minute or a few more or less. The drops also happen when connected directly so I don't think it is the switch. If both machines are pinging this address at the same time, the drops do not happen on both at the same time.

However, if I never get any drops at all when pinging the router ( So me this suggests my LAN is ok.


Weirdly though, I never get any pings drops to from my laptop (wireless).


So why do my wired machines ping the router 100% fine, but not the Internet, yet my wireless laptop will ping them both 100%.