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Draytek Vigor vs Billion BiPak

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Registered: ‎12-09-2015

Draytek Vigor vs Billion BiPak

Well I've finally decided that I've had enough of the ASUS DSL-AC68U combined modem/router even after trying it with the new firmware and still getting the interleaved/fastpath/interleaved/fastpath merry-go-round.....


So after some research I think I'm split between Draytek Vigor and Billion BiPak. Initially I was just looking at Billion as they have loads of fans both here and elsewhere, great reviews and a Broadcom chipset whereas the Vigor which also has loads of fans etc has a Lantiq chipset. Now the reason I'm split/unsure is that I'm on an ECI cab which has a Lantiq chipset.


So the questions are; Should I match the chipsets by going down the Draytek route? What are the advantages? And if I don't by going down the Billion route what are the advantages/disadvantages?


Any feedback most welcome Smiley