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Draytek Vigor 2860

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Draytek Vigor 2860

My fibre connection went live this morning and connection with the Plusnet Hub One router is OK.

When using the DrayTek 2860Vac with my new static IP address, SYNC connection is at 20/80 up/down which is the link between the router and the telephone exchange (Priory);  the plusnet server responds and provides the gateway IP so the plusnet server appear to be active.

BUT:  I cannot access the internet at all.  Ping to the gateway address fails.   The router firewall is disabled and I cannot think of a solution - assuming that the plusnet server is configured to accept my IP address.


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Re: Draytek Vigor 2860

Don't set the router up with a static IP address, set it as dynamic/get from server/however it's worded in that router.

Plusnet's DHCP will always return your static IP address.

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Re: Draytek Vigor 2860

You don't set the static IP on the router, leave it set to dynamic. The PN system will allocate your static IP.

You also need to set a VLAN I'd of 101 , not sure where but I'm sure google will help