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Draytek 2860 configuration settings

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Draytek 2860 configuration settings


I'm new to PlusNet and my connection should go live on the 24th of this Month. Currently I use a draytek 2860 to connect to TalkTalk's fibre without the BT modem and all works fine but I want to be ready so when I switch to PlusNet I have all the configuration settings ready to pop into my router with no faffing or loss of internet. The talktalk settings used MPOA/Static and not the PPOE settings so I need to find out what the PlusNet standard config settings are. This is a really standard question and maybe I'm just not looking in the right place but I can't seem to find them. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks




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Re: Draytek 2860 configuration settings

When I set up my 2760 there was very little to change in the PPPoE/PPPoA tab:-


Select "Enable"

Set Wan Connection detection to ARP Detect

MTU 1500

ISP Access Setup Username to

ISP Access Setup Password to yourpassword

PPP Authentication to Pap or Chap

Fixed IP to No

Default Mac Address selected.


That should be it really.



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Re: Draytek 2860 configuration settings

I have just switched to plusnet using a Vigor 2860n, I used the above settings which allowed access, however I get a lot of issues with websites stating DNS, sometimes the sites load other times they don't 


Any help much appreciated as I'm having to piggy back off the the plusnet route which is not what I want

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Re: Draytek 2860 configuration settings

I join on the 29th, thanks for the heads up. I wouldn't be without my Draytek. Fingers crossed the transition from BT will go smoothly. Roll eyes