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Dramatic Change of Fibre Speeds

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Dramatic Change of Fibre Speeds

Good afternoon,


I've always had very good and stable Fibre at my properly, always connecting at 80\20 and pretty much always acheving my full line download speed. However, today at 12:30 my router disconnected and reconnected at 20\12...


I've tried restarting the router etc but to no avail, 20\12 remains.


Can anyone on here look into things for me?


BT Wholesale results:

Download speed 18.08

Upload 10.12

Ping 35.63


Plusnet Portal results:

Estimated line speed:80Mb (This may vary between 69Mb and 80Mb) -


Checked on 2016-12-01 15:37:37Current line speed:71 Mb


Current Router details:

Downstream Upstream
Link Rate 19447 Kbps 11828 Kbps
Line Attenuation D0( 12.Cool D1( 26.0) D2( 40.1) dB U0( 1.3) U1( 20.1) U2( 30.6) U3(N/A) U4(N/A) dB
Noise Margin D0( 10.3) D1( 10.4) D2(N/A) dB U0( 15.2) U1( 9.7) U2( 16.2) U3(N/A) U4(N/A) dB
VDSL2 Profile Profile 17a


I've raised a ticket with Plusnet, was told that there 'may be a fault' but nothing further, had it escalated to the faults team. Hoping someone on here could hopefully chip in as it seems odd to me




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Re: Dramatic Change of Fibre Speeds


There defiantly seems to be some problem here. I would normally say raise a fault ticket at but in your case it appears you have I can only say you get back onto the faults and urge them to restart there investigation. Either way a member of Plusnet staff should hopefully come across your post soon and take a look