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Downtime today....

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Downtime today....


Is Plusnet experiencing any issues in the Merseyside area today?

Second day back at work, working from home, and what do you know...internet is on and off all day.

Router keeps losing connection to broadband. Usually rock solid.

Any ideas if there is a problem?

Started around 11am this morning I'd say.
Maybe a little earlier.

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Re: Downtime today....

Don’t know about Merseyside but here in Dorset I’ve had two dropouts today (we have had a rock solid connection for months at 80/20).


First was around 12:35 this morning and again tonight at 21:30.

DSLStats reports a huge drop in both download speed from 79999 to 62650 and upload from 19999 to 9248.

Also it reports the SNR is all over the place upstream started at 9.5 and is now reported at 1.7db,

downstream started at 7.5 and has now reached 14.6 never had stats like that before.


Will try and report it via the on-line reporting system but don’t hold out much hope.


Regards, P.

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Registered: ‎12-01-2013

Re: Downtime today....

As of around 6:30pm tonight, the issues seem resolved. Been watching Amazon Prime all night so not even 1 drop out. Hopefully that's the end of it.