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Downstream speed not actual speed

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Downstream speed not actual speed


I had a fault with by fibre broadband (happens a lot as we are on a long run from the cabinet) over Xmas. PlusNet called out OpenReach who made some changes and said its fixed. It is a bit more reliable but it is very slow (5Mb v usual of 8Mb).

BT say the line is running at 8Mb downstream and my Plusnet router also says its running at 8Mb downstream. But nothing connected to the router will go over 5Mb and most of the time its well below that (wired and wireless).

Looking at the speed test graphs over the many days this has been going on it looks as though there is a cap of some kind but I cant work out where or why. 

I do have a fixed ip address but I cant see why thats relevant. 

I have been updating a ticket with PlusNet every day since the 2nd of January but they are essentially ignoring it so I am at a loss as to what to do. The router stats page is as below which seems to suggest there is nothing wrong all the way to the router itself (which i have restarted numerous times)

Any ideas gratefully received its very frustrating its not working but even more frustrating to have the ticket ignored

DSL Line Status

Connection Information
Line state:Connected
Connection time:1 days, 10:19:47
Downstream:8.624 Mbps
Upstream:1.201 Mbps
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Re: Downstream speed not actual speed

If you have a static IP address, Plusnet may do well to have a quick look at your connection profile in workplace.  It could be artificially capped, however this isn't always the case.  Typically speaking,  your actual data rate WILL be slower than your max sync rate.

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Re: Downstream speed not actual speed

Thanks for the speedy response. PlusNet are ignoring the ticket so a bit blocked on progressing the fixed ip thing, although it’s in one of my daily comments on the ticket.

How far would the the router figure usually be from actual performance? Before the Xmas issues our downstream speed was reliably at 8mb-10mb and Openreach test site says the line has an observed speed of just over 10mb whatever that means.

There’s so many variables I can’t work out where the problem is most likely to be ☹️