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Downstream speed increases after Hub One reset

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Downstream speed increases after Hub One reset

So I've noticed that seemingly over time my Hub One downstream connection seems to slow down the longer the time that passes following a power cycle. The upstream speed seems to go unchanged. Looking at the helpdesk stats before doing a hub reset shows the same downstream and upstream stats but the difference is significant.



It had been some 42 days since the hub was last reset / power cycled. PN seem to say you should always keep it on, but is there a golden timeframe for this? Like, keep it on for 2 weeks and then power cycle to stop this from happening?

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Re: Downstream speed increases after Hub One reset

It should not be doing that, either the router is faulty or you have a intermittent line fault and DLM is reducing your IP profile and then when your router power cycles during a time it not showing the fault it resets it.

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