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Download speed still slow after 3 months

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Download speed still slow after 3 months

I switched to FTTC in August and was given an estimated download speed of 35-40Mbps (I am 900m from the cabinet).

The download speed has hovered consistently around 22Mbps and the SNR margin is 9dB (see attached stats).

I have tried to contact plusnet via online Chat but it isn't available. Can anyone here offer any hope that things will improve? It clearly won't happen by itself, so can I request a lower SNR margin?



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Re: Download speed still slow after 3 months

Plusnet has no control over SNR with fibre. The DLM sets it out automatically in its own mysterious and sometimes random ways.

If I am correct in assuming that FECS is Forward Error Correction Seconds then this is very high suggesting that there is a fault or interference getting in somewhere.

I would first do a quiet line test with a wired telephone by dialling 17070 and selecting option 2. If that is OK then plug your router via a filter into the Test Socket, that's the one that's exposed if you take the front section of of the BT Master Socket and do the BT wholesale speed test ( including the further diagnostics. The results from the further diagnostics are logged so that Plusnet can see them.

If the phone quiet line test shows a noisy line you need to report a PHONE (not broadband) fault. Until that is fixed you will always get broadband problems.

As you say, after 3 months it's unlikely to fix itself. Let us know how you get on.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Download speed still slow after 3 months

I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing speed problems and apologies for the delayed response.

It looks like something's happened in the past 3 weeks as testing your line now is showing a sync rate of 31.5mbps. It's still below your estimates of 34mbps so I'd run through the checks here.


If your speed doesn't change and you've tried a different modem, I'd head on over to to report a fault.

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 Anoush Mortazavi
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