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Download speed is increasingly slow - Must be a line fault!

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Download speed is increasingly slow - Must be a line fault!

I have noticed over the last few months, our fibre download speeds have become rediculously slow compared to what they use to be.  Even upload speeds are better than download speeds on speedtest.

Plusnet account says our current line speed is 77mb but our speedtest is now just 6mbps (1mb) and has been like this for a few weeks now. Can someone please look into why it has become so bad recently.

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Re: Download speed is increasingly slow - Must be a line fault!

Welcome to the Forum @JayHarrison83

Are these speeds measured on a wired connection to the Hub? If you are measuring using wifi, please try a wired connection to eliminate possible wifi problems. That said, have you reported this as a fault?

If not, I suggest that you run through the checks at and report a fault at It takes a bit of your time and costs you nothing, but makes Plusnet aware of your issue, they have to look at it, and gets the issue into the queue for action. The idea of connecting to the master socket is to remove any effects of internal wiring problems; you would need to connect to the hub with a wired connection to avoid any wifi effects.

Please let us know how you get on.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Download speed is increasingly slow - Must be a line fault!

Sorry to hear you're having issues with your speeds.

We've tested your line which isn't showing any problems as shown below

Test Outcome Pass
Test Outcome Code GTC_FTTC_SERVICE_0000
Description GEA service test completed and no fault found .
Main Fault Location OK
Sync Status In Sync
Downstream Speed 79.9 Mbps
Upstream Speed 20.0 Mbps
Appointment Required N
Fault Report Advised N
NTE Power Status PowerOn
Voice Line Test Result Pass
Bridge Tap Not Detected
Radio Frequency Ingress Not Detected
Repetitive Electrical Impulse Noise Not Detected
Cross Talk Not Detected
Estimated Line Length In Metres 401.7
Upstream Rate Assessment Very Good
Downstream Rate Assessment Very Good
Interference Pattern Not Detected
Service Impact No Impact Observed
Home Wiring Problem Not Detected
Downstream Policing Discard Rate 0.0
Customer Traffic Level Upstream and Downstream Traffic Detected
Technology VDSL
Profile Name 0.128M-80M Downstream, Retransmission Low - 0.128M-20M Upstream, Retransmission Low
Time Stamp 2018-05-17T12:30:00
Parameters MIN MAX AVG
Down Stream Line Rate 79.9 Mbps 79.9 Mbps 79.9 Mbps
Up Stream Line Rate 20.0 Mbps 20.0 Mbps 20.0 Mbps
Up Time 808.0 Sec 900.0 Sec 899.8 Sec
Retrains 0.0 1.0 0.0
Current and Last 15 Minute Bin Performance
Parameters Last Traffic Count(Upto 15 mins) Current Traffic Count(Upto 15 mins)
Start Time Stamp 2018-05-30T11:00:03Z 2018-05-30T11:15:03Z
Ingress Code Violation 0 0
Egress Code Violation 0 0
Errored Seconds 0 0
Severely Errored Seconds 0 0
Unavailable Seconds 0 0

Can you confirm if you're connecting over a wired or wireless connection? If wireless can you try a wired connection to see if that has the same issue?

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team