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Downgraded to 38Mb - Only getting 30Mb

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Registered: ‎11-05-2013

Downgraded to 38Mb - Only getting 30Mb

Previously I was on the 76Mb package and typically got speeds in the 40s to low 50s (possibly due to limitations of my equipment, I'm not sure).
I figured as I was not utilising the bandwidth I may as well downgrade to the 38Mb package, which I did the other day. Since then I'm unable to get speeds of over 30Mbs (according to multiple servers on and BTW speed test). I know the line and equipment are capable of receiving the full 38Mb as they previously exceeded this.
Anyone else had problems with this?
Also when changing my account I was sold the 'pro' package after complaining about poor streaming speeds in the evenings. I've since discovered on the website the 'pro' package has no impact on streaming. Great service from the Plusnet employee I spoke to.
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Re: Downgraded to 38Mb - Only getting 30Mb

Hi, Sorry if you feel like when you was sold the Pro product you was given the incorrect information. You can have the taken off the account to save money if you haven't all ready.
I can see you have raised a ticket in the account as to why they the speeds are not as fast as expected. Please monitor this ticket for updates on the speed.