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Dog chewed through DSL cable

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Dog chewed through DSL cable

So our dog decided to chew through our DSL cable this morning and the household has gone into meltdown. I've searched online for a replacement but amazon only seem to have an ADSL cable. Will this work? Our chewed DSL cable has pink and green inner cables and the ADSL cables I've seen online have many more colours than that
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Re: Dog chewed through DSL cable

VDSL and ADSL cables ( connecting the telephone to the router) are the same.

As a temporary repair, cut out the chewed bit, strip the insulation off the wires in the two pieces. Twist the copper wires of the same colours in each piece together. Insulate  each individual wire - Sellotape if you don't have insulation tape. Try out. 

It may not work quite as well as it use to - but may avert meltdown.

On the other hand if you have a spare wired phone, the cable for that  (if it unplugs from the base) may also work.


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Re: Dog chewed through DSL cable

I've got some spare if you need one….

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Re: Dog chewed through DSL cable


Don’t worry about there being additional cores that might not be used. The important thing is to make sure that the connectors are rj11 to rj11