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Dipping ... speed dropping

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Registered: ‎09-05-2016

Dipping ... speed dropping

Plusnet guarantee s that apeed will not dip based on usage so why every Sunday .. from 3 pm .. does my Internet speed slow right down ?Huh

I have tried all tips including restart router etc ... before I ring plusnet tomorrow does anyone else have same problems ... Thank you in advance
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Registered: ‎28-03-2017

Re: Dipping ... speed dropping

Hey, Lynnwarbo11.

I've had this problems a few times in the past. Does this issue only seem to happen on Sundays 3pm? If your answer is yes, then maybe it is due to peek times. Are you on WiFi or a wired connection? WiFi seems to pick up interference sometimes so it is best to try with a wired connection. Oh, and please make sure you don't switch of your Modem/Router as that will impact your speeds