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Did something change last night?

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Did something change last night?

Has Plusnet changed anything on their end?

Last night at about ~1am my internet went down (router, modem stayed connected) until about ~3am.
Couldn't find anything on the service status page about it which isn't great or helpful.



Usually my router connected to a gateway from 8 IPs - which corresponded to pcn-bng01-04 and psb-bng01-04. This is still the case however they don't show up in traceroute on the second hop like they used to and subsequently the gateway checker is useless.

Reconnected a few times to see if it was the same and it was, with sometimes the first hops having the IPs of old ptw-ag0* gateways which is amusing...


So err yeah, has plusnet changed/broken anything lately? Smiley