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Dial up Speeds for the last month

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Dial up Speeds for the last month

Good afternoon all,


My FTTC connection has been running at around 1M now for a month and the faults team do not seem to be able to find any problems.  I've tested with a second filter and router plugged into the master socket but no difference.  Open Reach have been out and tested and said there is nothing wrong with their side, but Plusnet maintain that there is nothing wrong in the network, yet still the speed remains at 1M down and 0.1M up.  Yesterday I was moved onto a 80/20 package to see if that made any difference.  It did.  I now have around 3M up and 2 - 3M down.  Still somewhat pathetic.  


I moved to Plusnet in August having been with Sky Broadband for 18 months.  With Sky I was consistently getting 38M down and 9 or 10 up.  I'm only about 300yds from the cab so speeds should be good.  I'm based in Wrexham.

Is anyone else having anything approaching a similar problem?  


I think my main issue is the delay in getting a response to things I add to the call.  It can be three days before I get any sort of response.  Add to that that the waiting time on the phone seems to be consistently 30 mins or more and the amount of time I'm blasting away on trying to get this fixed is phenomenal.  I could really do with seeing some of the award winning customer service we've all heard about but I'm just not getting it.


If anyone can offer any thoughts that might help it would be much appreciated.





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Re: Dial up Speeds for the last month

The award winning customer service , no longer exists Sad     only on paper

Hopefully one of the Staff here will see this and have a look Thumbs Up

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Re: Dial up Speeds for the last month

Sorry for the issues you've had, I've reviewed your account and discussed this with the case handler of your complaint. They'll be updating the ticket today.

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 Chris Parr
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