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Devices lose wifi connection when restarted

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Devices lose wifi connection when restarted

I've had a persistant issue over the last few months. Everytime I restart a device it won't connect to the internet despite being on on the wifi network. The Xbox one see's the connection but can't connect to the internet. I have to forget the network and re-connect to wifi with the password. This seems to resolve the issue until I I start the console again. Smart TV and other devices show the same problem.

So far I've had another router from Plusnet (Hub One), which hasn't resolved the issue. The Wifi service has been fine for the last 4 years, not moved the router nor no new devices. It seemed to be overnight the problem ocurred. Its getting very frustating getting through all the setup everytime I want to use a device.


Has anyone got any ideas of potential fixes?

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Re: Devices lose wifi connection when restarted

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Two thoughts:


Also there have been reports that some kit can have a problem with the Hub One broadcasting on 2 frequencies.The solution is to give each signal a different ID. How to do that at