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Denials and no action.

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Denials and no action.

Last night I was watching a live stream on twitch, enjoying my weekend off work. Then bang 01:45 buffering buffering  buffering well time for bed anyway. This morning 3Mps on a 60+ capable line (used to get 70+ but gave up complaining when it dropped by 10Mbps) throughout the day it kept dropping to below 1Mbps. Live chat denied any problem existed all the reccommended tasks performed, still slow. So I go on facebook (painfully) and asked does anyone have really slow internet in my area today? Many replies all "yes" with screenshots from BTwholesale speed test - BT, Talk Talk, plusnet all the same. One post read from a BT customer "well I couldn't get them to admit that there maybe a problem in the area. Been put on a list to be pushed up for higher tec support. Did a screen shot of this chat (scrubbed out the names) showing everyone's speeds. Had all the usual [-Censored-] about restarting routers and then they said it might be the on board network card, so I said hang on I have a spare card i'll swap it. you should have heard him" 

Nice, total denials. Because we all took time to lie on the internet. What are these companies doing? It's like getting broadband from

The grimm view of my connection today (bare with me might take some time to upload).

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Re: Denials and no action.

Thanks for getting in touch and apologies if you're unhappy with the support you've received so far.


I've checked your line and normally if there's a known problem in the area we'd be alerted to it during this test, nothing is showing up so the advisors you spoke to would have just been trying to go through the standard checks.


The best thing to do is for anyone experiencing this issue to get in touch with their providers and report faults, the more faults reported in an area the more likely it is to be seen as a 'common fault' and looked in to as such.


I'd advise getting this reported to us as a fault at

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