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Data Rate stuck well below Max Attainable

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Data Rate stuck well below Max Attainable

I wonder if someone at PN could give my connection a kick?

For a while now the current Data Rate has been considerably lower than than the maximum attainable speed shown in my router - by around 3.5 megs!

The line appears to be on a stable maximum attainable rate and the data rate has been much closer to the max previously and I can see the maximum going up again but the connected rate remaining stubborn.

6. Data rate: 6046 / 22371
7. Maximum data rate: 6046 / 25812

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Data Rate stuck well below Max Attainable

I think you need to be aware that the Max attainable rate is a calculated value that may not actually be achievable in practice. It is known that under certain line conditions, particularly if interleaving is active the attainable rate is grossly over-estimated so can never be achieved. On the other hand my attainable is less than my sync speed but since I have 80/20 sync speeds it doesn't bother me.Wink