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Daily Disconnects

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Daily Disconnects



I require assistance. It seems as though I'm having daily disconnects which is unacceptable.

Can someone look into this as it's seriously bugging me off.

If it continues I'll be switching back to ADSL and to the BT Home Hub that worked perfectly, unlike this PlusNet Home One.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Daily Disconnects

Hello there,


Checks and tests against your line doesn't indicate any problems and the connection appears to be remaining stable for days at a time.

This is likely to mean that the problem you're facing relates to wireless connectivity. Such problem can usually be rectified by making a few changes to your settings, first of all I'd try changing the wireless channel.


To do this enter into your browser's address bar and login using the details which are on the card on the back of your Hub One.


Go to "advanced settings", "wifi" and you'll find a drop-down menu which is most likely set to "auto".


You can either try changing to a few different channels and just see how things go or go a step further and install a WiFi scanner app like "WiFi scanner" which is free for most devices and use that to see which wireless frequencies are least affected by other neighbouring networks.

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team